The Brief

The Olive Circle Foundation is a charity that covers the Midlands, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Herefordshire. They give a helping hand in the local community in many ways such as buying specialised equipment and making improvements to houses or gardens to improve quality of life.

Their recent fundraising efforts have been to help people with cancer who are going through chemotherapy. Chemotherapy leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth and all food becomes unappealing. Feedback from patients is that their mouth feels dry and they may feel a burning sensation therefore being given an lolly or ice lolly afterwards is the perfect solution. Their aim is to provide lollies to as many cancer, chemo and radiotherapy hospital wards as they can.

Expertise Used

Graphic Design



The Solution

We created a set of posters to highlight the issue and tell people how they can get involved to help. The hashtag Chemo Sucks is used as a headline to grab attention and is also a great play of words on the campaigns mission. We used bold colours and illustration to make the design visually stand out from the crowd. We are also creating pull up banners and look forward to seeing the final result.